It all started with a rainy evening at the Fox and the Hound.

Otik was agitated, there was no fire lit in the fireplace, and a nervous energy was all throughout the inn.

Otik finally approached us, he looked left, he looked right, and then dropped into the last empty chair at the table.

“Guys last night I had a robbery. The guard won’t do anything about it either.”

“What was taken?”

Otik points to the fireplace, and the funny carved stone that always made up the top piece of the fireplace has been pulled away, gone.

“I came down, and had my lantern pass over ‘em. They were in all blacks, and spoke something I didn’t understand. A bunch of grunts and growls.”

“They used a crowbar and pulled it away and ran outside into the night, they didn’t go for the lockbox, they didn’t go for anything in the kitchen, just attacked the fireplace and left.”

“The guard says it isn’t anything to worry about. And if it’s outside the town, they don’t have anyone to spare to check it out. So what do ya say? Can ya help me out?”

And it ended too…

The group had wandered the wilds and gathered tablets from friend and foe alike. Tablets were brought back to the main temple of Forge in Strata, the capital city.

The tablets were carefully assembled under the auspices of one of the sages, one Galena, and wrapped around a crystalline dragon statue that was discovered over the course of travels.

It took many months, but the final pieces were brought home, and a banquet and ceremony were planned for a private audience. The lead clerics from the temple, several important nobles from the city, the king himself, and the group(s) that helped to find the numerous pieces of the tablet.

As the pieces were fitted and assembled, they started to alter from a worn grey stone into a metallic sheen, armoring the crystal dragon. And as the final pieces were fitted the head cleric spoke, droning on about the virtues of knowledge and research, as Galena had a bemused smirk upon her face.

The final piece fitted, and light shone through the cracks of the armor, temporarily blinding those in attendance. Where the armored dragon wearing tablets once stood, there was none, and where Galena once stood, now resided a large, golden, winged lizard.

“Thank you for assembling the tablets, and bringing them to me. The tablets have freed me from the curse, and now I can feel the wind under my wings again.”

The kings guard, torn between defending their king and rushing the beast of legend, wasted a few vital seconds while the clerics did not. Golden celestial stairs appeared which they promptly ran up and out of the room, jumping out of the nearest windows. Others bolted for the door as the king was gathering his breath to yell “Seize them, seize them all! The church is outlawed, and the crown seizes all all property, and a hundred golden crowns are now on all their heads!”

Several clerics were rounded up, most who didn’t know anything of what was going on, and the army moved into Forge’s temple, taking the library as their own.

What happened that night after the king was rushed back to the castle is still unknown.

And now it is five years later…

What happens next?

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The Dragon Tablet